• Hello all - Lets make this the week that was! Go well everyone :)
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  • events Las Iguanas added a new event, Margarita Monday
  • julian barnes created a new topic ' How and why do you network?' in the forum.
    I'm researching business networking as part of my Masters degree, and I'd love to get your views

    Click here to take survey

    It only takes five minutes and your help is very much appreciated
    kunena.post 06:01 PM
  • This will be my 6th attempt at telling you this BB. Your strap line is out of date!
    "Business Biscotti is a dynamic business networking community that powerfully combines local group meetings, with online business networking and real life, fun events. Looking forward to the 2012 London Olympics"
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  • M.A.C Computers is an up and coming computer service company based in Milton Keynes.

    Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Alongside being able to provide a prestige service.

    Here are some of the services we can offer;

    Data migration
    Network cabling
    Onsite support
    System configuration
    Virus Repair

    Many people throw out perfectly good machines because they start run
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  • Companies, if you year end was 31 October 2013 any corporation tax needs to be paid by 1 August.
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  • Hi all, new on here and will attend some meeting in North west over coming weeks. Bit of info on Moneypenny - We are the UK's largest telephone answering service, with over 350 staff based in Wrexham and deal with calls for over 7000 clients of all shapes and sizes. We can take overflow calls when your staff are busy or offer a full outsourced reception to reduce overheads.
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  • Anyone want to reach 15,000/20,000 Biscottiers? BB is looking to print and distribute 20,000 leaflets across Biscotti Land in September. I am looking for a sponsor or 2 to go on the leaflets and on the web site - email me sue@businessbiscotti.co.uk if you want that visibility for your business this Autumn.
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  • Beaconsfield Business Biscotti yesterday was a great meeting - lots of networking going on. 2 New Ambassadors now will strengthen this Group and help Anne Marie to grow it once again. Please diary this one for your August Networking. Great venue with lots of FREE Car Parking on site.
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  • Question: What percentage of business owners who were defrauded by their own staff, would previously have said that they trusted their employees? Answer: 100% Get in touch to reduce their chances of getting away with it..
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  • Hope everyone has a cracking weekend! Go well all ...
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  • Apparently men are more likely to ignore their health problems and end up on long term sick leave. Is this you? Talk to me about getting medical treatment quickly and easily.
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  • friends Mike Watson and Mark Hughes are now friends
  • Some of my audio work just went live on the Oxford Conservation Volunteers website.

    Hope it helps drive interest to their site. http://ocv.org.uk/blog/?p=125
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  • events Las Iguanas added a new event, Live Music
  • A good meeting at Beaconsfield this morning, with guest appearance from Sue Reeves! We'll be announcing 2 new Ambassadors for the group soon, so watch this space. ;-)
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  • a guest created a new topic ' The Basics of Online Marketing Strategy' in the forum.
    Online marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years. When Google released search their Panda and Penguin algorithm updates , many website owners were sent scrambling as they watched their site’s rank slip.

    But not all online marketers...
    kunena.post 11:19 AM
  • Employment solicitors: Are your clients concerned about employee fraud? Have you asked them? Stock, data, cash or equipment going missing? Do they suspect that someone is faking sick leave??
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  • Got an interesting conference call later with the 'Gardening for Wildlife Education and Training Group ' part of The Wildlife Gardening Forum.
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