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Is Your Business Still Your Passion?

Power Women lead the pack and break through the glass ceiling. (Video) #CEO #President
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on Tuesday, 04 February 2014
in Business for SME's

Off goes the alarm, up you get. Bathroom, breakfast, thinking about the things you have got to do today. Can you feel the excitement welling up inside, you just can't wait to get to the door, you run to the car, ignition on and away to your business premises or if you work from home, running into your office.

The activities that await you are your passion in your business life, everything you could have wished for is about to unfold in another day doing the things that you just love and drive you forward to success.

Or maybe not.Frustrated Businessman

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Why eCommerce Platform is best as a Business Startup?

Posted by Daljeet Kaur
Daljeet Kaur…
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on Tuesday, 28 January 2014
in New Businesses / Startups

eCommerce Platform is a storefront of selling your products online. As a business aspire, it is very difficult to choose the best platform where you get sure profit from your investments. If talk about current trends, eCommerce industry is the fastest growing industry where you can easily generate good sales and revenues. This is the industry where you can build good relationships with users and sell your Products through your Online Store.


Its very important to make a good research before going to start any business and I will prefer you to choose eCommerce platform to enter into Online Business.


Issues Google Needs To Address in 2014

Posted by Shell Robshaw-Bryan
Shell Robshaw-Bryan
I'm really looking forward to attending my first Business Biscotti networking meeting on Wednesday in Crewe! A...
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on Monday, 06 January 2014
in Sales & Marketing

All is not well in the world of Google. In the post Hummingbird landscape of SEO, monitor any related message board and the Google related sentiment is generally negative. Perhaps this isn’t surprising given the fact that SEO black-hatters, slow or reluctant to change their ways, have been hit hard by the latest changes. However, for many ethical SEO’s who were already using sustainable, Google-pleasing techniques, there is still a lot of negativity cast in the search giants direction.


Claims of anti competitive and unethical practices are on the rise, and webmasters are increasingly vocal in condemning Google’s often nonsensical policies. Let’s take a look at their stance on ‘bad’ links for example. Google remains wooly, but generally describes bad links as being those from Low-quality directory or bookmark site links, text advertisements that pass PageRank and advertorials. These guidelines aren’t as clear as they might initially seem. How do you define a ‘low quality’ directory? What’s more, how does Google define a low-quality directory?

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