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    Lots of Business Clubs – ONE great Network
    Over 600+ business club events a year

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    Are you looking to build your business connections –
    locally, regionally or nationally

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    At our Business Biscotti Clubs – We Really Do Business!

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    Business Biscotti helps you to connect, build and grow

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How do I become a member!

You can join online for only £99 per year - click here to join now


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No club in my area!

We make it easy for you to setup your own club - click here to find out more

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Club events free for members

Please note: refreshments are extra and charged by the venue (pay on the day)


Jan/Feb offer - £4 off visitor fee

Want to try a Biscotti club event?  Enter TREAT in the coupon box when booking

Welcome to Business Biscotti

We are a Private Membership Organisation running OVER 600+ business club events each year.

strawberryWe warmly welcome guests to all our club events and are well known for our flexibility and informality. Our events attract business owners, directors and senior management from a rich mix of business sectors

Each Club is run by a Team of Local Ambassadors who actively facilitate business to business connections, helping your company raise its profile, build valuable contacts and develop new business opportunities.

Our “Biscottiers” meet regularly in local clubs with business people who share the same vision and values, and who support one another with a common goal – to succeed.

In between club events - Biscottiers interact with each other in our vibrant online community on Facebook and our website.

Want to try us out?

EVENTSIf you are looking to build your local connections - a great way to find out about Business Biscotti is to book a Club event and talk to our members & Ambassadors - then JOIN US and help the Club to GROW.

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