Business Results Club

Business Results Club – (Maidenhead)

Business ResultsIn a nutshell: Local businesses working together sharing ideas and information in a formal environment. There will be guest speakers focussing on either innovative and inspiring content or local current affairs affecting business

Who should join us?

Ambitious, committed, forward thinking business people or organisations around Maidenhead and Windsor who will contribute and collabarative for mutual benefit.

What are the benefits to the Gold Club members?

• Keep up to date with new developments
• Improving the profile and awareness of business/services
• Opportunity to network
• Benefit from expert advice from other club members

What to expect?

• Inspirational speakers
• A mix of seminars, workshops and presentations
• Practical and interactive exercises
• Facilitated discussions
• Problem-solving sessions
• Support and advice
• Take-aways
• Inspirational/innovative speakers promoting new concepts/ideas and/or debate
• Speakers updating the club on current affairs matters affecting local business
• Q&A and facilitated discussion of speakers material
• Opportunities to ‘steer’ the club to ensure it remains an invigorating experience

A selection of topics:

Please see monthly meetings for more details.

Delivery style:

• Meetings will be held in a boardroom so deliberately quite formal and structured in order to create a focussed club of serious, ambitious businesses.

Despite this our approach is friendly and fun so despite the formality the style will be relaxed and enjoyable.

Meeting information

Event details: Held quarterly for 1.5 hours from 7.30am - 9.00am
Venue: Gardner Leader, First Floor, 7 Frascati Way, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 4UY
Parking: Nicholsons mult-storey is a 5-10 min walk away



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