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    Can I be a Perfect Perfectionist
    Can I be a Perfect Perfectionist? I am coaching an increasing number of the “millennial” generation, as they start to make their way up the corporate ladder, or as their start-up begins to grow and flourish. I am often confronted by a variation on the assertion that: “Well, the trouble is, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and it is making me anxious and unhappy”. Often the statement is ...
    Posted by Roger Rawlinson on October 16 at 9:12 . Read more
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    Mental Health Awareness
    World Mental Health Day is on 10th October 2018. This day is used to help raise mental health awareness and to show support for those suffering from mental health illness. The HSE highlighted that one in four people within the UK will suffer from mental health illness at some points in their lives, which means that most employers will have an employee suffering from such an illness at some time. The illness could be...
    Posted by Nicola O'Dwyer on October 9 at 9:13 . Read more
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    Parental Leave and Pay Bill
    Currently, workers do not have a legal right to any time off if they suffer the loss of a child. Therefore, campaigns were started approximately eight years ago to change the legislation and provide the parents with an opportunity to take time off should such a devastating event occur. The campaigning has finally been successful and on 13th September 2018 the new Parental Leave and Pay Bill received royal assent, wit...
    Posted by Nicola O'Dwyer on September 19 at 9:05 . Read more
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    Reasons for making a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney
    A what? What's one of them and why should I have one? A Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney covers decisions about your health and physical care; such as where you live, your day-to-day care, who can visit you, what you eat and the type of activities you take part in. You can also appoint your attorney to make decisions about life-sustaining treatment. Problems that can arise without one Let us look at th...
    Posted by Andre Davidson on August 26 at 2:08 . Read more
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    Speaking Tips for Networking
    Here are some tips on how to improve your speaking skills, but particularly related to networking: Nerves – We All Have Them, They Help Us Focus Physical take deep breaths before you start. It gets oxygen to the brain stand well grounded. You look serious rather than wobbling on one leg shoulders back and relaxed – opens up the chest for better breathing Emotional be confident in what you s...
    Posted by Nick Bailey on July 31 at 4:01 . Read more
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    Therapists can you help more people?
    Content Removed Not a blog - but an advert
    Posted by Jill Wigmore-Welsh on July 24 at 9:02 . Read more
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    Was Destiny My Driver?
    Destiny: I can't understand how I have managed to reach the vibrant age of 68. When you hear my story you will know why I say "I do not know if I will be heretomorrow". You see,I have come to believe that my life is ruled by destiny. There have been so many occasions where inches, split seconds,and unthinking decisions have changed the course of my life forever. My First Date with Destiny: It was at mymater...
    Posted by Ernest George Boxall on July 21 at 7:51 . Read more
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    Protecting Your Business
    Whether you are a business owner as a director, partner or sole trader, safeguarding the future of your business with a Business Lasting Power of Attorney makes good business sense. As a business owner you must consider what might happen to your business if you should be incapacitated by illness or injury, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time and unable to make decisionsthat may affect your business....
    Posted by Andre Davidson on July 10 at 9:41 . Read more
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    Health Boosting Indoor Plants
    Unpredictable British weather and demanding jobs are just two reasons why we spend very little time outdoors. In a recent survey, it was identified that the average Brit spends 92% of their time indoors. As an interior designer, I am fully aware of the impact that our living and working environments can have on our psychological and physical health. Urban migration, high rise living and long working hours have left ...
    Posted by PETINA JULIUS on May 21 at 12:27 . Read more
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    I would just like to introduce myself. David here from JustWebsites, I am looking forward to attending the Warrington (Cheshire) meeting tomorrow. I hope to get to meet some of you there. Please check out our web page, Twitter and Facebook accounts and feel free to say "Hello".
    Posted by David Dhamma on May 2 at 10:24 . Read more
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    Can You help Us?
    How often have I met another web design company and actually found that they cover such a different market or do something so completely different that the two companies are not actually in competition at all! What amazes me more is that other designers/developers instantly see other similar companies as competition and just refuse to talk. Without a little dialog there will never be a way to see if there is a pos...
    Posted by Paul Fogg on March 9 at 12:16 . Read more
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    A Vinyl Blast From The Past!
    Vinyl was a popular material in the 'Swinging Sixties', particularly in the fashion industry. Mary Quant for example used vinyl in her mini skirts, high boots and shoulder bags. It was also used extensively in the construction industry for such applications as flooring and wall coverings! It was used extensively because it's a low cost, waterproof, UV and abrasion resistant, strong, durable and easy to clean materia...
    Posted by Mike Lukjaniec on March 1 at 11:25 . Read more
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    Magic - Over £10,000 raised at The Phab Club's 40th Anniversary Ball at The Queen's Stand Epsom Surrey
    250 people attended The Epsom Phab Club (Social Club for Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied) at the Queen's Stand at Epsom Race Course. I was asked to perform Close Up Magic with three other local Magicians throughout their Champagne Reception. Nice to be back at the Queen's Stand, as only there a fortnight ago at The Jockey Club's Post Christmas Party. I was really happy to be a part of this amazing event which ra...
    Posted by Theo Theodoris on February 7 at 12:17 . Read more
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    Wow!! An eye-raising experience for Sue!
    Not even half way through Sue Meara’s facial and wow! We used Herbalife SKIN products on the right side of Sue’s face (on the left as we look at the photograph)) and had to takea photo before we matched up the other side!! Click here to see the difference! Sue said she could see the right side looked pinker and her eye looked and felt ‘100 times bigger’! Perhaps in reality nearly 50% more ope...
    Posted by Karen Hobday on February 1 at 12:49 . Read more
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    Automation and Machine Learning
    Every week we see more stories of jobs being lost to automation. Some make national and international news, others don’t get so much attention. But it’s becoming clear that the process that went into overdrive with the industrial revolution is speeding up again, and the fear is that this time it might not see new jobs created as fast as others became obsolete. How did we get to now?We’ve long made pe...
    Posted by Paul Fogg on January 19 at 6:27 . Read more
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    New Year's Resolutions - Are you smart enough to reach your goals?
    Whatever our new year’s resolutions, we are proud when we realize them and our self-esteem gets a real boost. Unfortunately, there are many goals which do not get further than the idea and don't last longer than March - at the latest - when we will have given up on investing time and effort into our new year's resolutions. There are numerous reasons for our plans’ failing, ranging from not setting the ri...
    Posted by Anke Exner on January 9 at 11:05 . Read more
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    Seasons Greetings
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Not the usual Christmas video. Derek Pico Productions
    Posted by Derek Spicer on December 24 at 1:46 . Read more
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    Before reading this I want you to... take a minute to look at your own profile picture here and on LinkedIn, and I mean really look at it!
    What does it say about you? Does it show confidence and approach-ability? Confidence comes from the eyes, if you can't see your eyes in your profile picture, how is this going to project confidence to your potential clients or new employer? Similarly the smile, the smile shows your approach-ability, too stern and you will look unapproachable, too cheesy and you will look foolish. When did you last update it? Would...
    Posted by Christopher Weaver on December 21 at 1:05 . Read more

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