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Sensational Business


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  • I'm creating a tribe of sensational businesses.
    I want to bring together what I like to consider “Sensational People and Sensational Businesses” businesses where the owners consider their physical, mental, emotional wellbeing an important part of who they are and can see the influence it has on what they do.
    I've done my fair share of bodywork, energy work, spirituality, mindfulness and healing and am in plenty of groups that discuss only those.
    I want somewhere that integrates all of that with ‘the real world’ and business. As I honestly believe they are all actually one and the same and that we can all be successful, productive, spiritual, healthy, non-judgemental without giving up everything and living in the woods with nothing but a backpack (and that has it's place too).
    If you want to be part of a sensational tribe find our more here https://www.sensationalbusiness.com/

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